This Campaign has not yet started. I’m planning on beginning it in May.


This campaign will be Horror based. Please come with that in mind.

The world of GAIA is a rather religious based Role Playing world. If you will be offended by modified Christianity, I suggest not attending the campaign. This is a GAME not a religious debate.

You will need your own dice. (d10 and d% as well as a d20 as per GM request)

The first meeting will be to fill out character sheets. Please have a blank character sheet printed up before arrival. The GM will help you fill it out to the best of her ability. Anyone with previous experience is more than welcome! Noobs, you’re welcome too! In fact, the GM herself is a noob, so let’s all try to get this thing up in the air.

AT LEAST own one of the Anima Beyond Fantasy books. Hard copy or electronic— but you must be able to look things up yourself.

This link will bring you to the official Anima Beyond Fantasy Forum.

This thread in particular will help newbies with Character Creation. The books can be a bit vague.

If you need a character generator, or any help PM the GM :)

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